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O-ring 00.580.1134
O-ring 00.580.1134
O-ring 00.580.1134
O-ring 00.580.1134

O-ring 00.580.1134

Union joint 00.580.1096

- Tên SP: Khớp nối 

- HDM-Nr: 00.580.1096

- Ứng dụng: Máy in Heidelberg CD102, SM102, SM74

- Vị trí sử dụng:  

- Xuất xứ: Heidelberg - Germany 

Liên hệ

O-ring 00.580.1134

- Tên SP: Phớt làm kín

- HDM-Nr: 00.580.1134

- Ứng dụng: Máy in Heidelberg CD102, SM102, SM74

- Vị trí sử dụng:  

- Xuất xứ: Heidelberg - Germany 

O-ring 00.580.1134

Union joint 00.580.1096

Needle bearing 00.550.2070

Rotary Encoder M2.105.3311

Encoder M2.105.3311

Filter 058.910.133

Control knob 00.580.3995

Liquid Gear Grease 00.580.4702

Gear Grease 00.580.4702

Grease 00.580.4702

Mỡ bò 00.580.4702

Filter BM250H-14

Dryer Filter MV.063.081

Diaphragm type dryer Fiter 63.102.2091

Diaphragm type dryer Fiter 63.102.2061

Fiter 63.102.2091

Fiter 63.102.2061

Dryer Filter MV.063.061

Sensor F2.161.1421

Double Sheet sensor F2.161.1421

Sensor INDUC SWIT PROX F2.161.1411

Sensor F2.161.1411

Cảm biến F2.161.1411

Sensor F2.161.1411

Sensor F2.161.1421 

F2.161.1451 Test sheet

C7.850.005F Halter kpl Support cpl

C7.850.005S Halter Support

C7.850.004 Halter Support

00.520.0238 Allen screw

00.580.5539 Hexagon nut

00.520.1046 Allen screw

C7.850.003F Support cpl

C7.850.003 Support

00.580.5539 Hexagon nut

00.540.0354 Allen screw

42.030.038 Washer

F2.161.1421 Sensor

F2.161.1411 Sensor

C2.147.2011 Connecting line

92.110.1341 Sensor 

C3.010.101F Trough cpl

C3.010.171F Trough cpl

C3.010.101S Trough

41.010.180 Rubber washup blade

C3.010.180 Rubber washup blade

41.010.179 Rail

C3.010.126 Cylinder bearing OS

C3.010.125 Cylinder bearing DS

C3.010.118F Set of levers

C3.010.119F Set of levers

C3.010.108 Bearing DS

C3.010.146 Bearing bolt

00.510.0157 Spring washer

00.530.0288 Spring pin

66.010.356 Guide block

87.010.201 Adjusting worm gear

87.010.204 Sleeve

87.010.213 Collar

C3.010.118 Support DS

C3.010.123 Lever DS

C3.010.127 Sleeve

C3.010.140 Spring bolt

C3.010.141 Pin

00.510.0474 Hexagon nut

00.510.0729 Headless screw

00.520.2787 Grub screw

00.540.1532 Countersunk screw

00.580.0075 Lubrication-free bushing

01.016.093 Compression spring

C3.010.139 Bearing OS

C3.010.119 Support OS

87.334.018 Pneumatic cylinder

92.110.1341 Sensor

C3.010.181 Support plate

00.783.0630 Sensor 

00.783.0144 Sensor 

00.783.0630 Sensor INDUC SWIT PROX Sensor

00.783.0144 Sensor MAGN REED PROX MSS Sensor

F7.817.720F Roller cpl

00.520.0356 Hexagon-head screw

00.530.0447 Spring pin

00.540.1055 Allen screw

F7.817.736 Pulley

00.510.0120 Circlip

00.520.0659 Grooved ball bearing

00.510.0093 Circlip

00.540.0276 Allen screw

F7.817.740 Blind

F7.817.741 Edge protection

F7.817.744 Bar

F7.817.728 Clamping bar

F7.817.743 Bar

00.530.0478 Grooved pin

F7.817.717 Clamping bar

F7.817.719 Support

F7.817.711S Support

F7.817.712 Support

00.510.0002 Washer

Sensor 00.783.0144

L3.040.101 Bearings

L4.018.701 Adapter

F2.018.229 Gasket

00.580.4800 Hose clamp

00.471.0241 Spiral hose

F2.018.220 Valve


F2.038.640F Plate cpl

00.580.0965 Dust separator

00.580.1117 Hood

66.068.105 Gasket

66.068.106 Gasket

47.018.106 Filter cartridge

00.510.0004 Washer

00.520.0413 Hexagon nut

00.580.5199 Fillister head screw

10.118.1199 Schild Plate

00.530.2234 Angle

C2.538.630 Hose connection

F2.018.633S Connection elbow

00.530.0491 Hose clamp

00.530.0492 Hose clamp

C2.538.631 Hose

00.580.6922 O-seal

00.530.1345 Tube bend

00.520.0758 Allen screw

F2.018.228 Hose connection

F2.018.229 Gasket

00.580.5493 Hose clamp

00.471.0169 Spiral hose

00.520.0845 Allen screw

00.540.1306 Spring element

00.520.2305 Allen screw

L2.179.1501 Blower

F2.179.2111 Blower

SA.109.1331 Denture Clutch

66.111.032 Magnet coil

C2.109.131 Embrague alimentador

61.109.131 Embrague alimentador

61.144.1121 motor

71.112.1311 motor

F2.105.1211 motor

L2.105.5151 motor

L2.105.5161 motor

M5.144.1121 motor

MV.0.25.181 motor

R2.112.1311 motor

R2.144.1121 motor

C2.184.1051/12    Cylinder/valve unit 
C2.184.1051/13    Cylinder/valve unit 
C2.196.1796/01    Basic electronic board
C2.335.050 /05    Valve unit cpl.
C2.335.075 /02    Vacuum regulator
4C2.335.191 /    Compressed-air control unit

M2.028.031F Guide shaft

M2.028.034 Lever

00.520.1020 Grooved ball bearing 625-2Z

M2.028.173 Guide tube

M2.028.033S Guide tube

66.028.037 Guide piece DS

00.580.0198 Locking clamp

66.028.039 Rod

66.028.042 Bearing bolt

66.028.044 Compression spring

66.028.168 Distance sleeve

00.580.3995 Control knob

10.104.7199 Plate

66.028.036 Guide

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