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Gripper bar 87.005.008
Gripper bar 87.005.008
Gripper bar 87.005.008
Gripper bar 87.005.008

Gripper bar 87.005.008

- Tên SP:  Giàn nhíp 

- HDM-Nr: 87.005.008

- Ứng dụng: Máy in Heidelberg CD102

- Vị trí sử dụng: TKS C3.005.400 -003/08 = 1

- Xuất xứ: Heidelberg - Germany

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Gripper bar 87.005.008 

- Tên SP:  Giàn nhíp 

- HDM-Nr: 87.005.008

- Ứng dụng: Máy in Heidelberg CD102

- Vị trí sử dụng: TKS C3.005.400 -003/08 = 1

- Xuất xứ: Heidelberg - Germany

Gripper bar 87.005.008

Journal 66.030.028 

Marking Jacket 42.209.001F

Torsion Spring M2.009.026

Rubber washup blade 41.010.180/01

Rubber washup blade 41.010.180

Valve 98.184.1051

Valve 61.184.1051

Filter 71.102.1911

Encoder 9E.110.2571

Lever 41.016.276F

Lever C9.015.816

Screen MV.036.387

Bearing 00.520.1682

00.785.0250 Flat module

00.785.1366 Flat module

00.783.0841 Power supply

C2.115.1421 Axial fan

00.580.3909 Pneumatic cylinder

F2.016.237 Support

00.550.0388 Gasket

00.580.0274 O-seal

00.550.1254 Needle bushing HK2214-RS-AS1

F2.016.226 Roller lever

00.520.0659 Bearing 6003-2RS

00.580.6264 Thrust piece

M3.020.012 Roller

00.520.2261 Bearing 608-2Z

M3.020.010 Shaft

M3.020.011 Shaft

M3.020.014 Suction tape

0.530.0978 Grooved pin

M2.015.869S Housing cpl

00.520.2417 Bearing 61805-2RS

M2.015.864 Gear

M2.015.867 Coupling

M2.015.854S Gear cpl

00.520.1327 Bearing 

M2.015.855 Driving roller

M2.015.856 Shaft

M2.015.851 Guide roll

M2.015.877 Hexagon bolt

00.520.1841 Bearing 625-2RS

M2.015.868 Plate

42.017.079 Spacer DS

M2.015.840F Suction tape

M2.015.843F Suction tape

M2.015.896F Suction tape

M2.015.872 Special suction tap

C5.016.225 Roller lever

00.520.0873 Self-locking nut

00.550.0175 Needle bushing HK2220-AS1

C5.016.221 Sheet stop

03.010.151 Supporting roller

24.010.034 Bolzen Pin

66.072.108 Tension spring

66.016.216 Roller lever

C5.016.216 Stud bolt

C5.016.214 Bearing

C5.016.224 Sheet stop

00.580.1967 Angle hose nozzle WES10/R 1/4 PA

00.550.0105 Needle bushing HK2526-AS1

C5.016.231 Bearing

C5.016.232 Bearing OS

C5.016.227F Tube cpl

C5.016.229 Spacer piece

00.580.0097 Lubrication-free bushing

C5.016.223 Eccentric

C5.016.234 Bearing DS

00.580.0791 Lubrication-free bushing

00.580.0824 Lubrication-free bushing

C8.015.815 Shaft

00.550.0938 Needle bushing HK2020.2RS-AS1

C9.015.820 Bearing bracket

00.530.0333 Lubricating nipple

00.580.5380 Cable protecting sleeve

C9.015.816 Hebel Lever

00.500.0048 Kegelstift A5x30 100Cr6 Tapered pin

C9.015.813 Pin

C9.015.818 Sheet jogger

C9.015.819 Support

C9.015.822 Eccentric bolt

00.474.1501 Compressed-air hose

00.250.0368 Mounting clip

C9.015.846 Collar

C9.015.845 Collar

C2.122.1311 Sensor

S8.030.207 Lever OS

71.030.230 Bearing

71.030.246 Cam

71.030.248F Adjusting worm gear

71.030.248 Adjusting worm gear

71.030.249 Bearing

87.010.204 Sleeve

00.530.0288 pin

87.010.215 Collar

C8.030.272 Connecting link DS

C8.030.273 Connecting link OS

71.030.239 Lever

71.030.278 Bush

71.030.273 Bush


C3.010.101F Trough cpl

C3.010.171F Trough cpl

C3.010.101S Trough

C3.010.101S Trough

41.010.180 Rubber washup blade

C3.010.180 Rubber washup blade

41.010.179 Rail

C3.010.181 Support plate

C3.010.126 Cylinder bearing OS

C3.010.125 Cylinder bearing DS

C3.010.124 Lever OS

C3.010.118F Set of levers

C3.010.119F Set of levers

C3.010.108 Bearing DS

C3.010.146 Bearing bolt

00.510.0157 Spring washer

00.530.0288 pin

66.010.356 Guide block

87.010.201 Adjusting worm gear

87.010.204 Sleeve

87.010.213 Collar

C3.010.118 Support DS

C3.010.123 Lever DS

C3.010.127 Sleeve

C3.010.140 Spring bolt

C3.010.141 Pin

00.510.0729 Headless screw

00.520.2787 Grub screw

00.540.1532 Countersunk screw


82.030.425F Dampening distributor cylinder

82.030.425 Dampening distributor cylinder

66.030.028 Journal OS

82.030.303 Journal

66.009.021 Collar

00.540.0257 Key

00.580.0188 O-seal

82.030.305 Gear

00.580.0574 Retainer plate


87.005.008 Gripper bar

S8.005.009 Straight pin

00.600.0124 Lubricating nipple

C6.011.126 Retainer

C6.011.125 Cover disc

C6.011.122 Needle bearing F-211133.3

C3.011.820 Gripper pad

C3.011.115 Distance sleeve

82.005.072 Distance sleeve

C6.011.115 Distance sleeve

C6.011.116 Clamping piece

C6.011.114 Rollenanheber Lever

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